5 Key Drivers of Digital Banking in 2021

Today’s banking sector is witnessing a significant change consisting of an evolving workforce and an accelerated adoption of technologies in business processes. With the digital environment encircling the financial sector, banking services and consumers are expected to go fully digital. As customer demands continue to disrupt functions, the banking sector is keen on adopting agile … Read more

How To Start A Blog: Step-by-Step Guide

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How Freshdesk Empowers Customer Support Teams in 2021

Freshdesk’s customer service platform and email management options are perfect for enterprises! Freshdesk is a unique customer service platform for enterprises that is built to help them streamline customer conversations under one canopy with precision and accuracy. What’s more, the solution can help in automating routine tasks and collaborating with other teams for quick and efficient … Read more

5 Ways Location-based Intelligence Can Enhance Supply Chain Performance

Since COVID-19 has taken over the world, business trends are witnessing a new era of change. Companies are in the process of shifting supply chain to meet the new normal while retaining quality for their customers. There has been a reasonable spike in supply chain innovation post COVID. Location-based intelligence is one such technology that … Read more

Overcoming the Common Misunderstandings in E-commerce Customer Experience

Amid today’s fast and volatile markets, it is crucial for E-commerce companies to have great customer experience wherein consumers, especially in emerging markets, have multiple platforms to choose from. However, there are some misunderstandings between e-commerce platforms and consumers that must be overcome in order to achieve seamless CX. 1.Tech vs. shopping experience To provide … Read more

Key Focus Areas For Manufacturers in 2022

The manufacturing sector’s technological developments are critical to the global economy’s progress. Manufacturing innovations that improve the productivity and long-term viability of entire production processes are the newest manufacturing trends. On the other hand, manufacturing companies are looking to retain productivity with a smaller workforce in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, … Read more

Cloud Technology: A strong foundation for future-ready manufacturing enterprises

Today’s manufacturing industry is under pressure to meet rising demands for quicker delivery and increased throughput. Manufacturers can use cloud technology to address these demands. All levels of the manufacturing industry will use this technology in the future to stay more securely connected to consumers and the supply chain. Manufacturing efficiency already relies on connectivity. … Read more

Five Sectors Driving Saudi Arabia’s Digital Transformation Journey

Many experts have claimed that Saudi Arabia is fast on its way to becoming a major digital economy. With its unprecedented impact on the economy and healthcare system, even the pandemic couldn’t deter Saudi’s technological triumph. The now digitized government services are easily at par with international standards. One reason is that COVID-19 encouraged digital … Read more