Key Focus Areas For Manufacturers in 2022

The manufacturing sector’s technological developments are critical to the global economy’s progress. Manufacturing innovations that improve the productivity and long-term viability of entire production processes are the newest manufacturing trends. On the other hand, manufacturing companies are looking to retain productivity with a smaller workforce in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, … Read more

Cloud Technology: A strong foundation for future-ready manufacturing enterprises

Today’s manufacturing industry is under pressure to meet rising demands for quicker delivery and increased throughput. Manufacturers can use cloud technology to address these demands. All levels of the manufacturing industry will use this technology in the future to stay more securely connected to consumers and the supply chain. Manufacturing efficiency already relies on connectivity. … Read more

Operational Resilience in Financial Services: 5 Ways AI in Banking Can Help

Over the past decade, we have seen substantial growth with respect to digital transformation in banking and financial services. However, the rise of fintech has increased regulatory pressure on banks and financial institutions to closely comply with regulations while also enhancing the customer experience and operational efficiency. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking could … Read more