We buy for you and ship Worldwide

Your one-stop shipping shop, specializing in Ecommerce Fulfilment Services, product management, and storage for online shops and shopify. How does it provide the best Parcel forwarding service? Deliveringparcel.com is the best parcel forwarding service which connects you globally with us and you get access to online stores in every country across the world. You can … Read more

What to Look for While Replacing Windows

Updating old windows improves the appearance of your home while making it calmer and less draughty. Many modern double-hung frames are simple to manage and sanitize than older ones with storm windows or combo screens. Value-conscious shoppers are becoming free of the huge white plastic frames that shout window replacement in OKC. More style options … Read more

Most effective B2B lead generation techniques

For lead generation in B2B, trust is key. The B2B buyer will look for alternative ways to spend their money if you don’t build trust during every step of the customer journey. To stay competitive in today’s omnichannel marketing environment, B2B marketers need to manage a complex funnel of prospects and nurture them along the … Read more

5 Key Drivers of Digital Banking in 2021

Today’s banking sector is witnessing a significant change consisting of an evolving workforce and an accelerated adoption of technologies in business processes. With the digital environment encircling the financial sector, banking services and consumers are expected to go fully digital. As customer demands continue to disrupt functions, the banking sector is keen on adopting agile … Read more

Overcoming the Key Supply Chain Challenges in the Indian Pharma Landscape

The Indian pharma domain in 2021 has observed rapid growth, especially over the last decade. This pattern is likely to continue in the future and looks bright and promising too.. When it comes to the number of drug manufacturing sites approved by the FDA, India is not very far from the United States. However, the … Read more

How Freshdesk Empowers Customer Support Teams in 2021

Freshdesk’s customer service platform and email management options are perfect for enterprises! Freshdesk is a unique customer service platform for enterprises that is built to help them streamline customer conversations under one canopy with precision and accuracy. What’s more, the solution can help in automating routine tasks and collaborating with other teams for quick and efficient … Read more

5 Ways Location-based Intelligence Can Enhance Supply Chain Performance

Since COVID-19 has taken over the world, business trends are witnessing a new era of change. Companies are in the process of shifting supply chain to meet the new normal while retaining quality for their customers. There has been a reasonable spike in supply chain innovation post COVID. Location-based intelligence is one such technology that … Read more

Top Emerging Trends Driving Ecommerce Growth in Southeast Asia

The e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia is expected to exceed 102 billion dollars, by 2025, according to a Google-Temasek study. This year, the industry is expected to grow by nearly 5.5%, as per PPRO statistics. The growing e-commerce industry is aligned with the growing investor confidence in the region. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the … Read more