An elaborative guide to thread gauges

A quick overview

The progression and advancement in almost every field, including the technical and mechanical tools, has led to the development of hundreds of distinctive instruments used for a variety of different purposes.

One of the most advanced form of such a tool are thread gauges. A thread gauge which is also known as the pitch gauge or a screw gauge is mainly used to lead or the pitch of a screw thread. This seamlessly designed tool is widely used by electricians, mechanical engineers and technicians all over the world.

A thread gauge or a screw gauge is also expended as a reference tool which is used to determine the pitch of a wire or a thread which is present on the screw or in the tapped hole.

There are several different types of thread gauges which are listed below. Here is the overview of some of the different kinds of thread gauges.

Different types of thread gauges:

Here are some of the most frequently used thread gauges:

  • Thread ring gauges
  • Thread plug gauges
  • Metric thread gauges
  • Metric thread gauges
  • Trapezoidal thread gauge

Most widely used thread gauges:

Even though, there are several inimitable thread gauges but there are a few which are just a few which are quite common. The thread ring gauges, metric thread gauge and trapezoidal thread gauges are some of the most common ones used worldwide.

Thread ring gauge:

The thread ring gauge is basically a cylindrical ring which is made up of thermally stable material, mainly steel. The diameter inside of the gauge is completed to provide gauge tolerance and is expended to check the peripheral diameter of any cylindrical object.

The ring gauge is further divided in to three types, which are;

  • Go thread ring gauge
  • No go thread ring gauge, and
  • Setting ring gauge

Metric thread gauge:

The metric thread gauge is primarily used to figure out the size and pitch of different screws, nuts and bolts. The TPI or the pitch measured by the metric thread gauge is measured in millimeters. Not only this, the marking on the gauge are quite easy to read and won’t rub off easily.

Trapezoidal Thread gauge:

The Trapezoidal Thread gauge is mainly used for the translation motion within the numerous machine tools, for example lead screws. In such instruments, rapid movement is needed where the shared load is comparatively more. The trapezoidal thread gauge is also quite easy to use and handle therefore it can be used by beginners as well. Being one of the most common thread gauges, all the three mentioned above can be easily found by numerous manufacturers and supplier all across the world.

In order to measure the small diameters, the screw gauge or the thread gauge is evolving in design as well as its shape and structure (to make it more convenient to use).

This was the brief overview of the best thread gauges used by different electricians and physicists all over the world. For more informative articles, stay connected.