5 Key Drivers of Digital Banking in 2021

Today’s banking sector is witnessing a significant change consisting of an evolving workforce and an accelerated adoption of technologies in business processes. With the digital environment encircling the financial sector, banking services and consumers are expected to go fully digital. As customer demands continue to disrupt functions, the banking sector is keen on adopting agile … Read more

Operational Resilience in Financial Services: 5 Ways AI in Banking Can Help

Over the past decade, we have seen substantial growth with respect to digital transformation in banking and financial services. However, the rise of fintech has increased regulatory pressure on banks and financial institutions to closely comply with regulations while also enhancing the customer experience and operational efficiency. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking could … Read more

Five Sectors Driving Saudi Arabia’s Digital Transformation Journey

Many experts have claimed that Saudi Arabia is fast on its way to becoming a major digital economy. With its unprecedented impact on the economy and healthcare system, even the pandemic couldn’t deter Saudi’s technological triumph. The now digitized government services are easily at par with international standards. One reason is that COVID-19 encouraged digital … Read more