How Freshdesk Empowers Customer Support Teams in 2021

Freshdesk’s customer service platform and email management options are perfect for enterprises!

Freshdesk is a unique customer service platform for enterprises that is built to help them streamline customer conversations under one canopy with precision and accuracy. What’s more, the solution can help in automating routine tasks and collaborating with other teams for quick and efficient issue resolution.

Several companies have benefitted immensely over a period of time by embracing the Freshdesk platform.

Kinds of Issues that Companies Face in terms of Customer service

As companies continue to grow steadily, bringing in new leads and prospects, the customer service operations seldom fail to scale up in the same time. Incoming tickets and enquiries pile up and the existing support framework feels redundant. Here are some of the issues that many growing companies face regularly:

  • Undocumented support details: Support details are seldom documented in such organizations other than when they are stored in emails. Issue resolution is due from scratch in the absence of previous evidence, impacting turnaround times negatively.
  • Inefficient collaboration: Since collaboration is expected to be accomplished ad-hoc, employees waste significant time in identifying and resolving issues through diverse teams.
  • Lack of self-service: Customers are unable to resolve issues on their own, since they are forced to ask the support team even for the most trivial things.
  • Disconnect with support system: Since the existing systems that house emails are not linked with support systems, raising tickets and ensuring answers promptly are two discrete tasks that are not seamless in any way.
  • Flooding of thousands of emails daily: As e-commerce operations grow, the email management support channels are getting clogged with thousands of emails per day including pertinent business enquiries that remain stuck in the deluge of customer queries

Freshdesk – Offering Much more than Support!

Freshdesk’s structured UI and collaboration attributes along with its capability to convert emails to tickets makes it easy for customer service personnel to segregate tickets, enquiries, and other criteria from the emails. The team can reuse solutions to resolve customer inquiries quickly. The service personnel productivity receives a huge boost as support calls integrated with Freshdesk get converted into tickets in an automated manner making them trackable.

Here’s how Freshdesk can help today’s enterprise


  • Aids customers to explore help articles and FAQs before getting them through to the support team. The knowledge base allows tickets to be raised through the interface, in case the query is not addressed.


  • Companies can bring in Freshdesk support widgets in their customer-facing applications to raise tickets from within the app. The automation rules ensure that the ticket is addressed by the right experts too.
  • It helps define and enforce SLA compliance rules for every ticket making the executives accountable to the customers.
  • Automatically assigns support queries to different agent groups based on department for accelerated resolution of queries, decreasing time required for the same previously.
  • The inbuilt analytics engine monitors statistics related to the nature of tickets, escalations, and SLA performance.
  • The skyrocketing email volume is brought down with the help of Freshdesk Omnichannel that provides a comprehensive view of support conversations with each email segregated through category-based form submissions and tags, making them easy to respond. The omnichannel support also managed customer engagement through phones with a record reduction in call handling time bringing better visibility, control, and routing features over call inquiries.

Companies that have embraced FreshDesk have witnessed a drastic decrease in email queries from thousands to a few hundreds a day, making them manageable enough. Many professionals now believe that Freshdesk is an efficient and essential support platform because of the fluidity of its integrations, intuitive triggers, API flexibility, flexible scalability support for all operations.

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