This Diwali Give your Home a Complete Revamp

It’s that time of the year again, with lights, green crackers and earthen diyas flooding the local markets. Why not give a festive make-over this Diwali season to the home, just as we invest in clothing, jewellery and buying gifts for friends and relatives.

Home renovation will add that jazz to the whole festivity celebration and will make it look visually appealing, catching the eyes of every guest. Well it is possible, renovation of your entire home can run you out of your expenses. Fortunately, personal loans can be your support system, without burning a hole in your pocket. The attractive interest rates offered by banks on personal loans during festive seasons can be grabbed to your advantage, in utilizing it for addressing the wear and tear of the home. 

Check out how you can make your home aesthetically appealing, by incorporating some elegant decorating tips. 

Painting the home: There is a close connection between home renovation and Diwali. According to Indian Tradition, it is believed Goddess Lakshmi visits everyone’s home and shower blessings to the ones which welcome her with beautiful decorations and clean home. If not the entire renovation, painting the home is a must. It helps in taking care of the wear and tear which has happened over a period of time. Diwali is that time of the year, when we take a close look at every nook and corner of the house and get it repaired which usually is delayed due to lack of time and finances.

Bring life to your home, with stylishly designed lights: Lights are an integral part of every home, which can either give the home a top-notch facelift or it can even turn the most spacious of homes to look dull and monotonous. Give your home a change of look, by carefully looking into the color pattern of walls and selecting the lighting pattern accordingly. After researching online or offline you can get an understanding of the pricing and after comparing it from various sources, you can choose to even buy online at affordable prices.

Upgrading your home appliances – There might be some home appliances that might be giving a tough time in managing the chores for which they are being bought for. They have been there with you for years and now even after spending enough on their maintenance, they are incapable of coping with the tasks. Its time, you give a thought in either exchanging them or getting a new one. You can take the benefit of running ongoing Diwali Festival Bonanza which offers electronics and other goods at discounted rates. The offers are available both online and offline. Companies also sell products by providing the facility of purchasing the products by paying monthly installments. This way you can get rid of old stuff, which are no longer functional in the proper way.

Think out of the box – Use of fresh and bright planters will give an instant upgradation to your home. It is one gem of a technique, which is steal-worthy of being one of the finest ones. It will add to the style statement of your home and even give a fresh new life to it. Look for low-maintenance indoor plants to add a green touch to your home, by giving aesthetic value to the place. They purify the air and embellish homes with their eternal beauty.

Rearranging the belongings: An instant change of look can be given to your home by simply re-arranging the belongings from its usual place. Festivities are a great time to grab amazing deals on home furnishings both online and offline. While everything can’t be squeezed into our space, a few can be picked up according to the need and requirement for our homes. Changing of beddings, curtains, cushion covers or other necessary items of use, will give the home an easy on a budget makeover.  Revamping your home need not always be an arduous task. With some simple and creative ways, you can give your home a warm and welcoming look.

While few makeovers need not require much funds, others can add up to the budget of the already existing festivity mode. To cater to such expenses, without overbudgeting your finances, availing Personal loans can be a viable option.  Festive seasons are a great time when most of the banks and NBFC’s come with lucrative offers on loans. It is a great time of the year, to make a wise decision and apply personal loan online to turn on the festivity mood, with brightening and lightening of home. This Diwali, celebrate the festival with greater enthusiasm, adding the much-required glam to the dull aura. 

SBI Bank personal loan online can be your best bet this festive season, in giving your home, a facelift. SBI bank offers personal loans at attractive interest rates, with flexible repayment tenures. You will have to furnish minimum documentation while applying for the loan and the loan amount will be disbursed within 3-5 working days if it meets the eligibility criteria.

You can take the assistance of the SBI Personal loan eligibility calculator, by visiting the website of the bank and can evaluate the tentative cash outflow of every month. All you need to do is, feed the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate and you will be presented with a tentative EMI, which will assist you in planning your monthly expenses accordingly. The EMI calculator will give instant results, which will exempt you from doing physical rounds of the bank. 

Here’s why SBI Personal loan will be your best choice for personal loans:

  • Quick disbursals within few days.
  • Minimum documentation, while personal loan application.
  • Affordable interest rates, which will not leave a hole in your pocket.
  • Flexible repayment tenures.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Minimum pre-closure charges.
  • Convenient modes of repayment.

Documents required for applying for Personal loan with SBI Bank.

SBI offer personal loan to both salaried and self-employed individuals. The documents which an applicant will have to furnish while applying for the personal loan are as follows:

  • Identity Proof- Aadhar Card/Valid Passport/Voter Id/Driving License.
  • Address Proof- Aadhaar Card/Electricity Bill/Rental Agreement/Passport.
  • Last 6 months bank passbook or bank statement. Last 3 months salary slip or current salary certificate. Latest form 16
  • Latest Income Tax Returns along with Computation of Income, recent Balance Sheet along with Profit and Loss statement, certified by CA.
  • Business Continuity Proof.
  • Other business documents include – Certified copy of Memorandum of Association and Board Resolution, Sole Proprietorship Declaration or Certified copy of Partnership Deed.

Invite as many guests you want, with your home getting a complete revamp this Diwali. Be the best host to your guests, giving them the feel of warmth and comfort of the best manner.

Wishing a very happy, safe and green Diwali.