Closed Ended Mutual Fund vs. Open Ended Mutual Funds vs ETF

Open-Ended Mutual Funds: Open ended mutual funds are mutual funds where your investments are not subjected to any lock-in. They are liquid and can be redeemed any time. They may be subjected to an exit load depending on which category they belong to. These types of mutual funds may or may not be listed on … Read more

What are Index funds and Exchange Traded Funds?

How do Index funds work? According to the portfolio aligned with the Index, the fund manager buys or sells units according to the portfolio during any changes in the stock’s weight within the Index.  Although it is easier to follow passively managed funds, there is a limitation to this it may not always offer the … Read more

Gold Mutual Funds vs. Gold ETFs: Where do investors invest?

It is a well-known fact that Indians are one of the world’s largest consumers of gold. Gold is regarded as a solid investment. However, with the passage of time, people have adopted a more modern outlook to investing in gold. Gold is a safe investment choice and investors can invest in either a gold mutual … Read more

Evaluating Debt Funds: Understanding Types of Debt Funds and the risks involved

Debt funds are mutual funds where the underlying assets are fixed-income securities that could range from bonds, treasury bills, Government Securities and money market instruments. There are different types of Debt Funds in mutual funds: overnight funds, liquid funds, ultra-short duration funds, short-duration funds, corporate bond funds, credit risk funds, gilt funds, fixed maturity plans, … Read more

Simplifying Passive Investing with NIFTY ETFs

A passive fund is where the fund manager and his team do not actively manage stocks. They mandatorily invest in  the stocks that the underlying index is comprised of. They try to replicate the index and give returns according to their performance. Passive funds are different as compared to Active Funds because they have a … Read more

Physical Gold Vs ETFs- Which one should you pick?

Let’s look at the two main ways to purchase Gold in India: 1) Physical gold via jewelry or coins 2) Gold mutual funds or ETFs Why bother about the form of Gold you purchase? If the purpose is consumption, for e.g., a wedding, you should buy gold physically. But if you are looking to accumulate … Read more