Why ELSS tax saving mutual funds are suitable for long term financial goals

Tax planning is usually done during the last three months of the financial season. Nevertheless, it is good if you plan it during the beginning of the financial year and avoid the rush of last-minute tax savings. Several options qualify for a deduction u/s 80C of the income tax act. One such option is the … Read more

How are Capital Gains Taxed on Mutual Fund on Redemption

For taxation purposes, we can divide the mutual fund into two categories; Equity and Debt. Tax on Mutual Funds such as fund of funds is treated as a debt fund even if the underlying instrument is investing in equity-related instruments. Tax on Debt Mutual funds withdrawal comes with indexation benefits when held for a duration … Read more

How do you invest in ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds to Save Tax

Though Tax planning can be challenging, it can also be rewarding if you choose the right mode of investment. If you are looking to save tax and long term risk-adjusted returns from your investments both, then maybe you may consider adding an ELSS tax saving mutual fund to your portfolio. The simplest thing to do … Read more

Whether liquid funds are a good option for building emergency corpus?

Liquid funds in India, as the name suggests are liquid. This means they can be easily converted from invested money into useable money. They have minimum 7 day’s of exit load. . Before focusing on why to use liquid funds in India for emergency corpus, let’s focus on how to build an emergency fund. Examine … Read more

What are the types of debt mutual funds and their risk classification?

Debt funds are a type of actively managed mutual fund that primarily invests in debt instruments such as Treasury bills (T-bills), Government securities (G-secs), commercial papers (CP), government and corporate bonds, certificates of deposit (CD), and money market instruments. What are the different types of debt funds in India? Liquid Funds: This type of debt … Read more

Closed Ended Mutual Fund vs. Open Ended Mutual Funds vs ETF

Open-Ended Mutual Funds: Open ended mutual funds are mutual funds where your investments are not subjected to any lock-in. They are liquid and can be redeemed any time. They may be subjected to an exit load depending on which category they belong to. These types of mutual funds may or may not be listed on … Read more

Best Web Hosting For WordPress in 2021

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31 Best Free Blogging Tools in 2022

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Water Storage Harvesting Complete Guide with Essential Tips

Water Storage Harvesting Complete Guide with Essential Tips Water can be kept in a number of different ways. Artificial irrigation could be achieved by excavating the dirt, filling your tub with empty containers after a strong downpour to create rain pools, or installing water tanks. The first approach, while affordable, has drawbacks in landslide-prone areas. … Read more