Easily Meet Criteria And Fulfill Your Financial Requirements

The HDFC Personal Loan can be obtained by both salaried and self-employed borrowers. The bank has no limits on the use of the personal loan number. Therefore, as the borrower feels necessary, HDFC personal credit can be used for any reason. An unsecured loan is an HDFC personal loan, meaning there is no need to include a guarantor or collateral to allow the use of the loan. HDFC also has eligibility requirements for a personal loan, like every other lender.

To benefit, a borrower has to stand on the eligibility requirements for a personal loan from HDFC. Flexible eligibility requirements are followed by HDFC. Below are the generic conditions for HDFC personal loan eligibility:

  • A borrower’s minimum age at the time of the loan application should be 21 years and a maximum of 60 years.
  • The HDFC Bank Personal Loan may be used by both a self-employed professional such as a doctor, CA, engineer, lawyer, and so on and a salaried employee working in a private or public sector business like federal, state, or local bodies. 
  • A borrower’s minimum working experience should be at least 2 years and he/she must have been working for the last 1 year in the current organization. 
  • The minimum income of a borrower per month should be Rs. 15,000. The minimum monthly salary should be Rs. 20,000 if the borrower is a resident of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, and Cochin.

Importance of Eligibility Calculator for Personal Loan 

  • For several purposes, individuals need a personal loan. But it has been shown that often the loan application gets rejected which adversely affects the CIBIL score which leads to a high-interest rate loan. This is all because of not fulfilling the eligibility criteria. So, that’s why checking and understanding the eligibility before applying for a loan with HDFC personal loan eligibility calculator is relevant.
  • Several variables can affect eligibility for personal loans. They provide the score of the loan, previous loans, monthly profits, revenue longevity, etc. The repayment ability of a borrower is one of the most influential variables.
  • If the bank considers that a borrower is financially secure and has a decent credit score, the high loan sum is deemed to be eligible by the bank. An existing HDFC bank customer can choose a pre-approved loan, enabling the borrower to obtain a personal loan with or without the minimum documentation. The eligibility conditions for a personal loan are based on certain parameters that must be met by the applicant. These parameters of eligibility differ depending on the size of the loan, the form of loan used, and others.
  • The HDFC personal loan eligibility calculator works based on different variables, such as interest rate, repayment tenure, job existence of the borrower, and others. A borrower can easily verify his/her eligibility with a cost-free HDFC personal loan eligibility calculator available online.
  • It takes a couple of minutes to explain whether or not, one is eligible for a personal loan.

Factors Impacting Eligibility for HDFC Personal Loan 

  • Age: Only borrowers whose minimum age is 21 years old will benefit from the HDFC personal loan. As the borrower is deemed to be too risky below this age. And there are also chances that they will not meet the personal loan income requirements. Borrowers over 60 years of age do not apply for the loan because they do not have a stable income. 
  • Monthly income: The monthly income reflects the ease at which EMIs for personal loans may be charged by a borrower. It is considered that the greater the profits, the more likely the EMIs would be able to be honored by a borrower. Not only does the high salary make a borrower eligible for the loan, but it also increases his or her chances of receiving a higher amount of the loan. 
  • Working tenure: If a borrower has a secure working tenure of at least 2 years, then a respectable wage is more likely to be received. This also raises the probability of a creditor staying in the same company longer. This provides the lender with a guarantee that during the loan repayment tenure, a borrower will have a guaranteed income.
  • Credit Score: For an HDFC personal loan, a borrower with a credit score above 750 is more likely to be deemed suitable. As such, a score indicates the previous loans’ successful repayment history.
  • House Ownership: Those who own a house are deemed to apply for a personal loan as a suitable borrower. As if a borrower owns a house, he/she won’t pay any portion of the wage as rent. This means that for the loan repayments, he/she would have a substantial portion of the profits left over.
  • Employment type- A salaried or self-employed individual with a constant income is more likely to apply for a personal loan from HDFC.


A personal loan from HDFC bank is offered with easy to meet eligibility at a low rate of interest in short period. That helps you to own cash to fulfill your financial needs on time.