Apply For Punjab National Bank Personal Loan After Having Your Eligibility Check

PNB offers several distinct forms of personal loans, each with a distinct interest rate. In order to obtain a loan, a borrower must also meet the bank’s eligibility requirements. There should be age, income, and credit score are taken into account. Punjab National Bank Personal Loan offers loan amounts up to the maximum limit of Rs. 15 lakhs. If you need more details related to eligibility, check then read the article carefully.  

PNB Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria 

  • Age: When applying for PNB personal loan, you must be at least 18 years old. A personal loan requires a minimum of 21 years of age and a maximum of 58 years of age. Personal loans are available from PNB for up to 60 months. 
  • Net income: Your monthly net income must be at least 30,000 to qualify for a personal loan. Your income determines your eligibility (Net take-home salary). The ability to pay EMIs is determined by the income you make as a result of your loan. Your living standards are unaffected by EMIs. 
  • FOIR: FOIR (Fixed Obligation to Income Ratio): FOIR (Fixed Obligation to Income Ratio) is an important indicator used by PNB to determine your PNB Personal Loan eligibility criteriaWhen calculating your eligibility, PNB considers all of your fixed liabilities (such as rent or current EMIs). PNB requires a minimum FOIR of 0.45 to be eligible for a personal loan. Calculate and evaluate your eligibility using the PNB personal loan calculator before applying online for the appropriate loan amount. 
  • Co-applicant: Adding a co-applicant to the personal loan application boosts your eligibility by increasing your repayment ability. Make sure you have a co-borrower with a stable income stream, few fixed obligations, and a solid credit score. 
  • CIBIL Score: Your CIBIL score is based on your credit behavior and track record with previous lenders and credit card providers. The most significant factor in determining your eligibility for a personal loan is your CIBIL score. When determining your eligibility for a personal loan, PNB will examine your whole credit report, which includes all current loans as well as your payment history on previous loans. 

Factors affecting PNB Personal Loan  

Listed below are some factors affecting PNB Personal Loan:  

  • Late payments on previous loans: Any missed payments on your current or previous loans might lower your CIBIL score and diminish your chances of obtaining a personal loan from PNB. 
  • Unsecured loans in plenty: Always strike a balance between secured and unsecured loans. Your credit score may suffer if you have a higher percentage of unsecured loans in your total borrowings. 
  • Credit card bills and credit limit usage: Your credit behavior is determined by your credit card bills and credit limit usage. Frequent withdrawals and spending in excess of your credit card limit can be interpreted as an indication of prospective financial hardship and credit indiscipline, lowering your credit score. 
  • Many loan applications: Applying for a personal loan with multiple institutions at the same time will negatively impact your credit score and lower your CIBIL score. Improve your creditworthiness to acquire a good score and your loan application to get authorized if your PNB application is rejected. 

PNB Personal Loan Eligibility based on other factors  

Here are some other factors of PNB Personal Loan eligibility:  

  • Job stability and Profession: Job stability is essential for obtaining a personal loan from PNB. To evaluate your employment stability and profession, your overall work history and present work experience are evaluated.  
  • Location and stability of habitation: Banks are quite concerned about the borrower’s residence. There are only a few areas where the bank sees a negative. PNB has a predetermined list of areas where it will lend money. The bank also maintains a negative list of areas where it will not lend based on the credit conduct of borrowers from those areas in the past. 
  • Industry Type: PNB has a negative list of professions and types of industries that they will not lend to, described as consumer or industry sectors to which they would not lend. As a result, your chances of securing a loan approval are also influenced by your career and sector. 
  • Salary Mode: Most banks consider salary deposited into a bank account to be a secure and stable source of income with sufficient proof of income. If you make a good living but receive your payment in cash or by check, the bank will not issue you a loan since the bank requires actual evidence of your salary to back up your loan amount. If you apply for a personal loan from PNB prefer salary transfer as a payment method. 

How to apply for a PNB Personal Loan with Afinoz?  

The application process for a PNB Personal Loan with Afinoz includes the following steps: 

  • To learn about potential personal loan programs, go to and fill out the online application form. 
  • You will receive offers from a variety of banks, which will be ranked according to your prospects of being approved. 
  • Choose a potential lender from the list or get in touch with for help. 
  • Fill out the online loan application and submit it. 


Applying for Punjab National Bank Personal Loan offers, you will get through Afinoz. Before applying for a personal loan you need to also check your credit score. When applying for a personal loan, a credit score of at least 750 is usually regarded as desirable. If you take out a loan for an extended period of time, you may wind up spending a lot of money on interest.