You Can Get The Bajaj Finserv Business Loan 2021 At Low-Interest Rate

Bajaj Finserv is one of the main NBFCs that provides business loans interest rates starting at 17% for a variety of purposes, including expanding into new markets, acquiring other businesses, purchasing high-value assets and equipment for production, working capital requirements, and so on.  

Chartered accountants, doctors, company secretaries, and architects are among the self-employed professionals who can benefit from Bajaj Finserv’s business loans 2021. Retailers, entrepreneurs, traders and manufacturers, service providers, and others can apply for business loans. The following are few advantages of Bajaj Finserv’s business loans:  

  • Collateral-free and unsecured loan 
  • A business loan of up to Rs. 30 lakhs can be obtained. 
  • Bajaj Finserv informs customers about all fees and charges upfront. 
  • Ensures that there are no hidden provisions and that the process is transparent.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Loan 

The applicant will need to furnish the following papers in order to apply for a business loan from Bajaj Finserv: 

  • Duly filled application form 
  • Passport-sized photos. 
  • PAN card, driver’s license, passport, voter ID, and Aadhar card are examples of KYC documents. 
  • Proof of Concept: Business Incorporation Certificate and Related Documents 
  • ITR, bank statements for the previous three months, balance sheet paperwork, and cash flow statements are all examples of financial documents. 
  • Practice certificate (For professionals) 
  • Bajaj Finserv may request further documentation.

Prepayment Options That Are Flexible 

Bajaj Finserv offers a variety of customizable prepayment options, allowing the borrower to deposit any unspent funds. When Bajaj Finserv receives the idle cash, it is applied to the principal amount.  

An account with a Flexible Loan 

The borrower will be required to repay the loan within a particular time limit once it has been granted.  

Flexi loan accounts are similar to overdraft accounts in that they allow you to make money from the account and make numerous withdrawals as long as you stay under the credit limit. The goal of this facility is to improve corporate management and give the borrower more freedom.  

EMI Payment Options That Are Flexible 

EMIs can be paid by check or using the ECS system. When paying by cheque, the borrower must furnish Bajaj Finserv with post-dated checks in advance. Borrowers prefer the ECS mechanism these days since it debits the amount of the EMI as the due date approaches.  

To activate the ECS service, the borrower must provide the bank with the necessary documentation and an application form.  

Customer Service Number for Bajaj Finserv Business Loans 

You can now obtain fast access to your account by installing the Bajaj Finserv mobile app from the Google Play Store or by sending an email to You can also use their Quick Help SMS service to get answers to your questions.  

You can also leave a voicemail at +91-98108 52222 and wait for a call from their customer service department.  

1800-103-3535 (toll-free)  

To access information on your loan account, text HELP to +91-92275 64444.  

020 3957 5152 (customer service) (charges apply)  

020-71177266 Email: Grievance Redressal No: 020-71177266  

Eligibility for a Business Loan 

To obtain a business loan from a lender, you must first determine whether you match the lender’s eligibility requirements. The following are the general requirements for obtaining a business loan: 

  • Self-employed professionals, self-employed non-professionals, and entities can apply for the loan. 
  • Doctors, chartered accountants, business secretaries, architects, and other self-employed professionals are common examples. This is only applicable to applicants who have proof of qualifications and are currently employed in their field. 
  • Traders, manufacturers, and other self-employed non-professionals are examples of self-employed non-professionals. 
  • Partnerships, limited liability partnerships, private limited companies, closely owned limited businesses, and other entities are examples of entities. 
  • A minimum turnover of Rs.40 lakh may be required of the company. 
  • A minimum of three years in the current industry is required. 
  • A total of five years of business experience is necessary. 
  • For the past two years, the company should have made a profit. 
  • It is necessary to have a minimum annual income (ITR) of Rs.1.5 lakh per year. 
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 25 and 55 to be considered. 
  • IT returns for the previous year should have been filed by now. 
  • Only specific cities and municipalities may be eligible for business loans from lenders.

Additional list of Required Documents for a Business Loan 

You will need the following documents in order to apply for a business loan:  

  • For a company, a firm, or a person, a PAN card is required. 
  • Proof of identification in the form of an Aadhar Card copy, a passport copy, a voter’s ID copy, or a driver’s license. 
  • Proof of address, such as a copy of an Aadhar card, a passport, a voter’s ID, or a driver’s license. 
  • Statement from the bank (last 6 months) 
  • For the previous two years, provide the most recent ITR, as well as income computations, balance sheets, and P&L accounts. CA-approved or audited financials are required. 
  • ITR/Trade License/Establishment/Sales Tax Certificate as proof of continuance 
  • Declaration of Sole Proprietorship or a verified copy of the Partnership Deed 
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association certified authentic copy


To conclude, Bajaj Finserv business loan 2021 is among the top business loans available in India at an affordable cost. All you need is to fit into the eligibility criteria.