What is Computer Network Architect? Workplace & Duties

What is Computer Network Architect? Who designs and builds data communication networks is called A computer network architect. These can be local area networks, wide area networks, and intranets, which can vary from a small connection to a multinational array of globally distributed communication systems.

Computer network architects must have an excellent understanding of the business plan of an organisation to design a suitable network. Typically, they work with the company’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to predict where they need more new networks. As companies continue to expand, the demand for computer network architects will increase.

What does a computer network architect do?

Computer network architects create designs for data communication networks. They inform the organisation they work for and explain why it is beneficial for the organisation to follow them. They are responsible for updating software such as network drivers and hardware.

Planning the implementation of security patches or other countermeasures must be considered when designing networks in the event of security vulnerabilities. Exploring new network technologies is also an essential part of the task to better analyse current traffic data and estimate how growth could impact the network.

Job description:

They predict where they will need future networks and present and explain why it is beneficial for the organisation to follow them. They work with engineers who help build the network they design. He or she considers security information when designing networks in case of security vulnerabilities and implements security patches or other countermeasures. They update software such as network controllers and hardware such as adaptors or routers.

Computer network architects generally work with the company’s Director of Technology (CTO) to decide where they may need new networks. This can range from small connections between two branches to next-generation network features, such as a multi-client cloud infrastructure.

Your job is to look for new network technologies that can support the future of your business. To do so, they must analyse current traffic data and assess how growth can affect the network. A computer network architect must be analytical, detail-oriented and organisational, with interpersonal skills and leadership skills. They spend most of time in offices and sometimes in server rooms, usually all day.

 Computer network architects generally have the following tasks:

  •         Create a plan and design for a data communications network.
  •         Present the plan and explain why it should be tracked
  •         Consider information security when designing a network
  •         Decide which routers, adaptors, network controllers, etc., are necessary
  •         Find out how cables are placed and where other hardware will lead
  •         Discover new technologies for the future needs of the company.

How do I become an architect of computers and networks?

A computer network architect generally requires a degree in computer science, information systems, engineering or a related subject. These degree programs provide practical laboratory work in the classroom, such as:Network security or database design to prepare students to work with a variety of technologies used in networks.

Some employers prefer to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in information systems, which typically requires two years of additional study, business and computer courses. Computer network architects usually require at least 5 to 10 years of experience in information technology systems or other areas of computer science in addition to their degree. Your company can apply for certification of the products it uses, typically offered by product providers or software companies.

What is the workplace of a computer network architect?

Most architects of computer networks work for the design of computer systems and related services, for telecommunications, finance and insurance, as well as for various companies and companies. Computer network architects typically work full-time and spend most of their time in offices. Occasionally, they work in server rooms where they have access to the hardware that makes up a company’s computer and information network.