Top 2 Foreign Bank In India

The foreign bank in India offers its customers some of the best services and the most beneficial deals in the foreign exchange market. The Indian currency exchange market is the largest and one of the most liquid markets in the world.

Every day billions of dollars are exchanged from the US dollar to the Indian Rupee. Whether one is looking to buy a dollar for his Indian account or to sell dollars for the Indian account, the bank in India is the best place to make transactions. Here are the top 2 Foreign banks in India. 


  • The first foreign bank in India is Citibank. The bank started operations in Bharat in 1902 in the metropolis and is one of the leading foreign investors within the Indian money market. Citibank has forty-four branches within the country and caters to a large spectrum of shoppers from high international companies and little & mid-sized enterprises to households. 
  • Citibank offers products and services in 2 classes – Institutional shoppers cluster (ICG) and international client Bank (GCB). Some client banking products and services embody Citibank Suvidha remuneration Account for professionals, investment product, sizable loans, and free worldwide ATM dispensation.  
  • Citibank initiated the Non-Resident proposition to serve the wealth management and banking wants of Indians around the world. Market-leading product and services area unit NRE/NRO bank account, loans and order of payment, international investments, and Product Interest Rates
  • Citibank Personal Loan 10.05%
  • Citibank Home Loan 6.75%
  • Citibank Business Loan 12%
  • Citibank Loan Against Property 7.30% straightforward cash transfer.

Standard Chartered Bank 

  • Standard hired Bank could be an international banking and money services company of England. it’s the most important international bank in India with one hundred branches in forty-three cities.
  • Customary hired Bank with its subsidiaries offers a spread of product and services to totally different shopper segments together with businesses and people, through company and Institutional Banking, industrial and personal Banking yet as Retail Banking. 
  • The key products offered by the bank are savings accounts, personal and different loans, deposits, mortgages, and credit cards; priority and personal banking services; and wealth management services, bank assurance, credit solutions, investment portfolio management, insurance and informatory, and designing services. 
  • Some of the company finance series area unit money management services, payment, and group action services. money market services embody risk management, investment, and debt capital market services, yet as on-line and electronic banking services.

What services are offered? 

  • The services provided by the foreign bank in India are some of the best in the world. A person looking to make a foreign bank deposit in India has a wide range of services to choose from. 
  • A foreign bank deposit can include creating an auto-debit for your payment at any time, withdrawing money from your account to a domestic card, or wiring money to an Indian account. The amount you can withdraw or wire can be directly deposited into your account with no restrictions. It also provides its customers with excellent interest rates and flexible terms and conditions.

What are investment options?

  • The foreign bank in India will offer its customers access to a variety of investment options. In the foreign exchange market, you can choose to invest in a variety of currencies. For example, the Indian Rupee is the only currency that is legal tender in India, while many other currencies are allowed to be traded. 
  • Therefore, the best bank in India can allow you to invest in the Indian Rupee, the Japanese Yen, the Euro, or the Swiss Franc, among other foreign currencies.

Online banking services? 

  • Many foreign banks also provide online banking services. This is extremely convenient for people who are based in India but want to keep their money safe at the same time. Since the transactions are carried out over the internet, the entire transaction is secured.
  •  You can also use the internet to make purchases from the various foreign banks in India. Also, you will be able to make direct transfers to your bank from a foreign bank in India.

Benefits of foreign banks in India

  • One of the benefits that most foreign banks in India have is that they allow their customers to open multiple accounts in the foreign bank in India. This allows the customer to manage his funds in several different ways. 
  • For example, you can transfer money to his domestic accounts from the best bank in India using your debit card. This helps you avoid the extra fees usually associated with transferring money from the domestic Indian bank to the foreign bank in India. Also, many foreign banks in India allow their clients to open new savings account in India.

How much you need to open an account? 

  • It is important to note that opening a foreign bank account in India requires a rather large sum of money. Most of the foreign banks in India require a minimum deposit of around 200000 Rupees. The maximum deposit is usually around Rupees ten thousand (Rural India has separate currency terms so do not get confused). 
  • Depending on the bank you choose to use, you may also be required to have your property documents such as income proof, identity proof, and so forth. So ensure that you understand the procedures that are required to open an account with a foreign bank.


There are also certain risks involved with opening an account in the best bank in India. If you are choosing an Indian bank then ensure that the foreign bank has a good reputation and good customer testimonials. Also, ensure that you read through all the terms and conditions carefully. The last thing you want is for your money to be misused. The foreign bank will also provide you with the option of obtaining a debit card that can be used globally which can help you make purchases at stores located outside the country.

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