Simple Ways to Check HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator 2021

In India, both salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for HDFC Bank personal loans. If you are a bank customer, you can use the net banking platform to check your eligibility by using HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator 2021. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may be eligible for a loan of up to Rs.40 lakh with a payback period of up to 60 months. Listed below are the highlights:  

Particulars  Salaried  Self-Employed 
Age  Minimum-21 years 

Maximum- 60 years 

Minimum- 21 Years 

Maximum- 65 years 

Minimum Income  Rs.15,000  Rs.5 Lakh p.a. 
Co-applicant  Not mandatory  Not mandatory 
Loan Tenure  Minimum- 12 months 

Maximum- 60 months 

Minimum- 12 months 

Maximum- 60 months 

Maximum Loan Amount  Rs.40 Lakh  Rs.40 Lakh 
Employment Type  Employees should be in private limited companies and public sector undertakings  Self-employed individuals 
Employment/Business Continuity  Minimum of 2 years; minimum 1 year with current employer  The user must have 4 years of Post Qualification experience for Doctors/ Chartered Accountants.
The user must have Post Qualification experience for 5 years for Company Secretary / Architect. 
CIBIL Score  It should be 750 and above  It should be 750 and above 
Residential Status  Individuals must be Indian residents who should be in their own house or a rented house.  

Factors affecting HDFC Bank Personal Loan Eligibility  

Some of the following key factors affecting HDFC Bank Personal Loan eligibility for the users:  

  • Age – As previously stated, personal loans are not available to applicants under the age of 21 years. Applicants must be maximum of 60 years are also ineligible for the loan because they may not have a consistent source of income. 
  • Net Monthly Income – Your net monthly income indicates how easily you will be able to pay back personal loan EMIs.  
  • Work Experience – The user must have got reasonable pay if you have worked for the same company for at least two years. You may continue with the same company for a longer period of time.  
  • CIBIL Score – Most banks are more likely to consider you for a loan if your credit score is above 750. You must have an excellent payback history for past loans if you have a credit score.  
  • Residential Status – If you live in your own home, you have a better chance of getting a personal loan. The fact is that you will not have to pay the amount of your money as rent is one of the key reasons behind this. It means the applicants must have more money left over to cover their monthly loan installments. In this way, a borrower who can quickly abscond from his or her rented housing after failing to pay an EMI would be immediately traceable at your permanent dwelling. 
  • Employment Type- HDFC Personal Loan is more likely to be granted if you are a salaried or self-employed individual with a consistent income. 

How to Check HDFC Personal Loan EMI Calculator? 

“HDFC Bank Personal Loan EMI” is known as a set amount of money that you pay to HDFC Bank based on the loan amount, term, and interest rate. It is payable every month on the same day until the debt is entirely repaid. Using theHDFC Personal Loan EMI Calculator 2021, you can calculate your HDFC Bank personal loan EMI ahead of time, allowing you to budget for your loan payments and other costs. 

Why do people use HDFC Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator?  

Listed below are the reasons to avail HDFC Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator: 

  • Calculate your EMI within your budget: The application allows you to compare EMIs for various loan amounts and terms. It will help you to check with the bank to determine the interest rate on an HDFC Bank personal loan, which can range from 10.25% to 22%. 
  • Compare HDFC Bank Personal Loan EMI: Compare the anticipated EMI on a personal loan from HDFC Bank with that of leading banks in India using the same loan amount of up to 75 lakh for a maximum tenure of 60 months but at different interest rates. 
  • Calculate interest on an HDFC Bank personal loan: You can divide your total EMIs into interest and principal repayments on your loan by using the calculator below. 
  • Detailed amortization schedule: This allows you to see how much of your principle will be repaid each month during the loan term. This is useful if you decide to prepay your HDFC loan or transfer your amount to another bank. 


At last, you can avail HDFC Bank Personal Loan while checking the eligibility, interest rates, and repayment tenure. You can also check your HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator and EMI by using the calculator. You might need to check the loan by using the Afinoz Personal Loan EMI Calculator