Most Popular Instant Loan Apps in India 2021

Most Popular Instant Loan Apps | MoneyTap, KreditBee, mPokket, StashFin, and other platforms and Most Popular Instant Loan Apps in India. These loans allow you to borrow up to Rs. 25 lakhs for a period of up to 60 months, with interest rates starting at 11.99 percent per annum. Getting approved for Instant Personal Loans might be a great method to get out of a jam.  

Most Papular Instant Loan Apps

In India, here is a list of the Most Popular Instant Loan Apps. 

You can apply for a personal loan right instantly using your smartphone or laptop and obtain the money you need right now. Alternative borrowing choices, such as rapid loan apps, can come to your rescue if you don’t have a credit history or a good credit score. 

To acquire immediate cash, here is a list of the Most Popular Instant Loan Apps. You can select one based on your qualifications and requirements. 


StashFin’s online lending app provides an instant credit line of up to Rs. 5 lakhs for a period of up to three years (36 months). 

The following are some of the most notable features: 

  • You may borrow as much as you require. The loan is offered in amounts ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5,000,000. 
  • Within 15 seconds of registering, you will receive a rate quote. 
  • In 4 hours, your loan will be approved. 
  • Repayment is simple. You can pay in equated monthly installments (EMIs) online, which is a convenient option. 
  • The interest rate is determined by the borrower’s eligibility. It starts at a rate of 11.99 percent every year. 
  • Flexible contract lengths ranging from three to thirty-six months are available. As a result, choosing a shorter term will save you money on interest. 
  • There are no hidden fees and the processing price is minimal. 


ZestMoney is another app-based lending software that allows you to borrow or shop online in low-interest instalments. Without a credit history, you can borrow up to Rs. 1 lakhs in a matter of minutes. 

 The following are some of the advantages and features: 

  • Borrow in as little as 5 minutes. 
  • A quick loan of up to Rs. 1 lakh rupees is available. 
  • Repay with ease using low-interest EMI options. 
  • It is not necessary to have a credit score or credit history to qualify for a ZestMoney Loan. 
  • On EMI repayments, you’ll get 100% refund. 
  • There is no charge for foreclosure. 
  • Online retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Makemytrip, and Myntra sell gift cards. 


ePaylater is a type of online shopping loan that can be referred to as an instant loan. Arthashastra Fintech Pvt. Ltd. provides the app.

Here’s how it works with ePayLater: 

  • The ‘Buy-Now-Pay-Later’ option is available in the app. 
  • This software allows you to make an online purchase with a fourteen-day interest-free term. 
  • Pocket-sized loans ranging from $1,500 to $20,000 are offered. 
  • By paying your credit card bill on time, you might earn discount coupons. 

SmartCoin App 

Professionals, executives, and businesses can use the SmartCoin App for Personal Loan to get small loans ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 25,000. 

 The following are some of the features that can be listed: 

  • Loans that are specifically tailored to the needs of the borrower. 
  • Affordably priced short-term loans with terms ranging from 91 to 120 days. 
  • Through the app, you can get instant approval and disbursement. 
  • Processing is simple and quick. 
  • Within two working days, the funds will be in your account. 


One of the Most Popular Instant Loan Apps is LoanTap. With the LoanTap App, you may borrow a variety of products online, including Two-Wheeler Loans, Flexible Personal Loans, and Term Loans. 

  • Amount of loan: Up to Rs. 10 lakhs 
  • 3 months to 60 months of tenure 
  • Interest rate: 18 percent p.a. and up 
  • A processing fee of up to 2% of the loan amount plus relevant taxes may be charged. 

Realme PaySa 

Realme PaySa is a platform that allows us to provide our consumers with hassle-free digital financial services via the Realme PaySa App. 

Personal Loan Features and Benefits 

  • Realme PaySa Instant loan offer 2021; a user can acquire an instant loan up to Rs. 1 lakh by uploading KYC documents and a photo in just a few minutes. 
  • Loans for a Variety of Needs: Because the ultimate use of a Realme PaySa personal loan is unrestricted, an individual can spend the cash for a variety of purposes, including shopping, travel, education, medical costs, and much more. Aside from that, the company plans to provide its consumers swift business loans in the future. 
  • Free Credit Report: According to Realme, the Realme PaySa will provide up to three credit reports for free. It will not only provide you with a complete analysis of your credit history, repayment status, and financial health, but it will also provide you with helpful advice on how to improve your credit score and become a creditworthy individual in the future. 
  • Realme Mobile Screen Insurance: Up to two times a year, both new and old smartphone users can benefit from the Realme mobile screen insurance. Users must first register on the app to receive the benefit of mobile screen insurance. 

 Generic Criteria for Getting an Instant Personal Loan 

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old. 
  • The applicant must be a salaried employee with a consistent income. 
  • An applicant living in Bangalore/Chennai/Delhi NCR/Hyderabad & Secunderabad/Kolkata/Mumbai/Pune should be paid at least Rs 18,000 per month. The minimal wage needed in other Indian cities is Rs 15,000 per month. 
  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen. 

Common list of required documents 

  • Photograph 
  • PAN Card (Personal Identification Number)  
  • ID proof of address 
  • Aadhar card is a government-issued identification card. 
  • The most recent bank statement. 


To conclude, as mentioned above you get n number of Most Popular Instant Loan Apps in India. We have mentioned some of the Most Popular Instant Loan Apps in India. Still, you have confusion or difficulty choosing the lender for you then you can come to Afinoz. Here you can compare and select the Most Papular Instant Loan app in India 2021.