Get Instant Cash Loan from CASHe Personal Loan App

Instant cash loan is the need of the hour. Why? Because nobody wants to wait endlessly just to get a loan in India. Be it wedding, travel or medical emergency, you need quick financial assistance. And that can be achieved through instant cash loans. However, getting an instant loan is never been an easy task for many, because till now, lots of people, don’t know – what’s a good option to borrow. In simple words, people are not familiar with the innovation that financial platform have gained from the past 2 years or more. Generally, the personal loan segment was dominated by the traditional lenders, such as banks and NBFCs but today the technology has revolutionized things in a much faster way. And with the help of this technology, they have managed to lend instant cash loan via a smartphone.

However, choosing a best personal loan app is itself a task because they are so much lenders have occupied the play store. Whenever a borrower needs financial assistance, he has to choose among them which is quite difficult. If you are one of them who is also searching for instant cash loan and don’t know which app to download, and apply for a personal loan, then you don’t need to worry because CASHe personal loan is here for you.

Before applying for an instant cash loan from xx personal loan app don’t forget to read about its features and benefits.

Features and Benefits of Cashe Personal Loan App

Digital Application Method

All the personal loans from CASHe application are processed digitally, which means from application to loan disbursal, you don’t need to wander anywhere. The interface of the CASHe personal loan app is so convenient that you will not face any difficulty at all. Even to submit the KYC documents you don’t need to go anywhere. By clicking and uploading the pictures of KYC documents and a selfie you can submit your personal loan application. 

No Credit Score Required

Generally, traditional lenders, or even some app-based lenders stress on having a good credit score. On the other hand, CASHe don’t need a credit score at all because it has its own credit risk assessment algorithm called SLQ. It monitors your social presence, your job, your education, and your income. On the basis of it, they decide whether the loan can be sanctioned. 

Good for Short Term Fund Requirement

If you hate accumulating loan for a longer period of time, then this app is definitely made for you because it offers short-term credit to the salaried individual. Normally a salaried individual in the month-end require financial assistance and hope to get an instant cash loan. Once the amount gets credited into their account, they spend it accordingly and repay it when the salary gets credited into their account. However, this doesn’t mean that a borrower should pay his dues within a month. In fact, to repay the loan amount, the app offers a tenure up to 1 year.

Collateral Free Personal Loan

When somebody talks about instant cash loan people gets confused whether a loan is collateral-free or not. Because they are so many lenders out there who give instant cash by pledging valuable assets, such as loan against jewellery, gold, and car. However, this may be the case with some other lenders. If you are choosing CASHe personal loan, then you don’t need to worry about security or collateral because it offers collateral-free personal loan up to Rs 3 lakh.


There are lots of reason to choose CASHe personal loan, but here are some of the key features that will compel you to download this app.

Lower Interest Rate

CASHe has partnered with an NBFC and ensures that people get a personal loan at a lower interest rate. Generally, they charge interest on a monthly basis. The interest rate of CASHe instant cash loan starts from 1.5% per month.

Simple Documentation Process

Since you don’t need to wonder one place to another just to submit your documents or you can say the documentation process is easier as compared to other lenders. By clicking and uploading pictures of your essential documents, you can apply for a personal loan.

Easy Eligibility Criteria

A good repayment history or a strong credit score has always been a roadblock for many borrowers. Because in India people are reluctant to get loans and when they need one, they actually have a nil credit history. However, CASHe does not stress on it and simplifies its eligibility criteria for common borrowers.


Since you are looking to get instant cash loan. You can download CASHe app on your smartphone. Besides giving from instant cash loan, this app has some incredible features to offer. It makes borrower’s life easier and stress-free. However, you can find many other apps as well, but there is no guarantee of instant funds and hence you may give up your personal loan requirement. So instead of giving up your instant cash loan requirement, rely on CASHe personal loan app and fulfil all your dreams.

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