How to invest in mutual funds online – A Step by Step approach

There are several online mutual fund investment platforms available. One can now invest in mutual funds online seamlessly through the different types of online mutual fund platforms available anytime, through a computer or a mobile phone.

Individuals can look to invest in mutual funds online directly through the company website or their mobile app. Individuals can also invest in mutual funds online through a bank or a financial intermediary, such as the SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) registered advisor, broker, or distributor’s online mutual fund investment platform. A SEBI registered broker should have obtained AMFI Registration Number (ARN) from the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI).

One can also invest in mutual funds online through their DEMAT (Dematerialized) account either with their stockbroker or through a depository participant. Investors do not necessarily need a DEMAT account to buy a mutual fund.

He/she can follow the steps below to invest in mutual funds online:

Step 1: Start by filling in the name, email, phone number and bank details.

Step 2: Complete the eKYC online using identification details. Alternatively, investors can also complete their KYC compliance procedures at a KRA (KYC Registration Agency) before investing in mutual funds online.

Step 3: Once the KYC is completed, now the investor must select the mutual fund scheme of his choice based on his investment goal, investment tenure, or risk appetite.

Step 4: Next, he can enter the investment amount he plans to invest in mutual funds online

Step 5: Finally, select the mode of investment that is one-time or SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) investment.

These days, investors can also benefit from the customer support options available online to buy, redeem, switch, register, or cancel SIP, STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) and SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan).

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.