Get Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan At Low-Interest Rate

With Bajaj Finserv personal loan, there are so many options available for the users. You can apply for a loan for your home renovation, the wedding of any your family member or own, study abroad, and others. It can be easy to borrow the loan amount up to Rs. 25 lakhs at an affordable interest rate so you can save money and pay the EMI amount comfortably. 

The Interest Rate of Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan 

Applying for Bajaj Finserv personal loan, there are no hidden charges and get 100% transparency. The latest personal loan interest rate and charges of Bajaj FInserv are listed below:  

  • Rate of Interest: 13% onwards 
  • Processing fees: Up to 4.13% of the loan amount (plus applicable taxes)
  • Bounce Charges should be Rs.600 – Rs.1,200 per bounce (inclusive of applicable taxes) 
  • Penal interest: It is charged when a delay in payment of Monthly Instalment/EMI shall attract a penal interest of 20% to 40% per month on the Monthly Instalment/EMI outstanding. The penal interest will be chargeable from the date of default until the receipt of Monthly Instalment/EMI. 
  • Document/ statement charges: Download your e-statements/letters/certificates at no extra cost by logging into customer portal – Experia.
  • Submit the copy of the Statement of Account/Repayment Schedule/ Foreclosure Letter/No Dues Certificate/Interest Certificate/another list of documents: You can get a physical copy of your statements/letters/certificates/other lists of documents from any of our branches at a charge of Rs.50 (Inclusive of applicable taxes) per statement/letter/certificate.

Types of personal loan rates
Personal loans come with two types of interest rates of interest: Fixed interest rate and floating rate of interest. 

  • Fixed interest rate:
    Interest rate name suggested as same throughout the loan tenure. Thus, loan EMIs will also remain the same.
  • Floating interest rate:
    Floating, adjustable, or variable interest rates are linked to an internal benchmark of a financial institution. Change to this benchmark will affect the rates. Hence, floating interest rates vary throughout the loan tenure.

Personal loan foreclosure charges 

  • The term loan is offered as 4% + applicable taxes on the principal outstanding amount as on the date of full pre-payment. 
  • The Flexi-term loan is offered as 4% + applicable taxes and cess on a total withdrawable amount on the date of charges applicable. 
  • The Flexi-Hybrid loan is offered as 4% + applicable taxes and cess on the total amount withdraw. 

Interest rate calculation
Personal loan interest rate calculation through flat rate and reducing balance method can be calculated with the following formula: 

  • Flat rate method:
    The applicable rate of interest is charged on the loan amount.
    The formula for this method is-
    EMI = Principal + total interest payable/loan tenure (in tenure)
    Thus, Total interest payable = P x r x n/100
  • Reducing balance method:
    The interest rate is applicable to the outstanding principal after payment of each EMI.
    The formula is calculated as-
    EMI = [P x r x (1 + r) ~ n] / [(1 + r) ~ (n – 1)] In this formula P is the loan amount or principal, r is the rate of interest, and n is the loan tenure in months.

Online EMI Calculator for a personal loan 

With the help of a personal loan EMI calculator, your monthly EMI online and plan your loan effectively. 

Year Principal amount  Interest  Total payment  Balance
2021 Rs. 38783 Rs. 8287 Rs. 47070 Rs. 61217
2022 Rs. 51932 Rs. 4552 Rs. 56484 Rs. 9285
2023 Rs. 9274 Rs. 140 Rs. 9414 Rs. 11

Personal loan part-payment charges 

All borrowers are allowed to apply for Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for the time period of more than 1 month from the date of loan disbursal. Including 2% of part payment + applicable taxes on the part-payment loan amount. 


  • Part-payment is applied should be more than 1 EMI. 
  • These charges are not applicable to the Flexi loan users. 

Annual/Additional maintenance charges applicable 

  • Flexi term Loan is applied for 0.25% + applicable taxes, on the total amount withdraw irrespective of utilization on date of payment of such charges. 
  • Flexi-Hybrid Loan is applied on 0.25% + applicable taxes, on the total amount withdraw irrespective of utilization on date of payment of such charges.

These charges will be annually mandated rejection service charge is Rs. 450. 

Benefits of Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Bajaj Finserv Online Personal Loan EMI Calculator offers certain benefits for using it: 

  • It helps the user to calculate EMI quickly. 
  • It minimizes the chances of error. 
  • It helps in the evaluation of a suitable repayment schedule via EMI calculation. 
  • It helps in choosing a suitable amount that repays over time without affecting a borrower’s financial structure. 


With the help of the above information, you can check out the interest rate offered by Bajaj Finserv. You can select the loan amount according to your financial needs and get a flexible tenure period. Before applying for the loan read the benefits, personal loan EMI calculation, and other details carefully. Apart from this, you can visit the official site of Bajaj Finserv.