How can you Get a Personal Loan from the Bank of Baroda?

Having brilliant ideas but being unable to carry them out due to a lack of funds? Don’t worry, the Bank of Baroda personal loan facility is here to help people meet their different needs. Insufficient funds would no longer impede achieving the goals. By taking out a personal loan from this company, you can lavishly spend on your daughter’s wedding or plan a family vacation. Personal loans are available from the Bank of Baroda in amounts ranging from INR 20,000 to INR 2,00,000. The loan must be paid back within 36 months. 

How to apply for a Bank of Baroda Personal Loan? 

If you are eligible for the loan, you can apply for a Bank of Baroda personal loan at the branch office closest to you. All of the locations provide the facility. Everything you have to do now fills out the application form. 

Bank of Baroda Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria 

You can use BOB personal loan eligibility calculator to know whether you are eligible or not. To help you a little the generic eligibility criterion to avail Bank of Baroda Personal Loan is given below: 

Permanent confirmed employees (minimum 1 year service) of 


Self Employed Professional 


Insurance agents subject to 





Central/State Govt/ /Autonomous Bodies/Public/ Joint sector undertakings. 


Doctors, Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Technical & Management Consultants & practising Company Secretaries only, with a stable business (minimum 1-year) 




The agent is doing insurance business for the last -5- years 

Reputed Limited companies / MNCs & Educational Institutions 


  The agent has regular and stable income and maintaining SB a/c with the bank for crediting commission cheques received from their principals 


Personal Loan Application Form from Bank of Baroda 

To obtain the loan, you must complete the application form. 

The following fields are needed to be filled out: 

  • Personal information 
  • Info about your profession 
  • Assets and liabilities are listed in detail. 
  • Details of the proposed loan 
  • Information about your earnings 
  • Info on a fantastic loan 
  • Information about the guarantor 

Loan Application Form from Bank of Baroda 

personal loan from the Bank of Baroda is simple and quick to obtain. Everything you need is an application form to embark on a stress-free journey. To qualify for a loan, a borrower must first fill out an application. The form can be obtained by downloading it from the bank’s website or by visiting a branch of the bank. 

Lastly, it very easy to get a personal loan from Bank of Baroda, all you need to do is fit into the eligibility criteria of  Bank of Baroda personal loan.