Significance of Personal loan EMI calculator in 2021

Personal loans stand out to be handy in times of financial crisis, in fact, they stand out as the foremost important financial tools for you when facing financial issues. Although, deciding upon a personal loan and its various aspects need tons of research and calculation. Yet, all of that has become simple with the help of a personal loan EMI calculator. 

As the term signifies, it helps in determining the EMIs that you simply will have to pay monthly to the moneylender to pay off the loan. 

Nevertheless, the tool is taken into usage for multiple purposes. As a matter of fact, the calculator has more uses which will mitigate the headache you’ll attain from deciding about all the factors of a loan. So, how does an EMI calculator facilitate? Let’s understand it below! 

Significance of EMI Calculator 

There are ample numbers of uses and benefits of calculators used for EMIs. Each of them might not be as significant, even though, extends benefits to you in determining more about the personal loan. 


The first element is clearly the EMIs. You can determine beforehand the value of every EMI and thereby the number of EMIs that you simply will have to pay. 

This facilitates you in perceiving whether you can afford the loan or not. In addition to this, it will also give you insights into the way to manage your expense across the tenure of the loan. 

The loan tenor 

You can also decide the right and best-suited term of the loan from the calculator. If you choose to pay an outsized number of EMIs to scale back the rate of interest of the loan, then your tenure of the loan would be greater and conversely. 

You can adapt the value and number of the EMIs to make sure that you simply get the optimal tenure of the loan possible. 

Interest rate 

The rate of interest is one of the foremost vital aspects of a personal loan. Although, interest depends on a variety of things including EMIs and tenure of the loan. As you can decide the best EMI and loan tenure from the calculator, you will be able to decide the best rate of interest by adapting the value till the time you get satisfied. 

Loan eligibility 

You can also utilize the calculator to figure out whether you’re eligible for the loan or not. As the personal loan EMI calculator asks for some details such as your monthly or annual income, you can determine whether you’re eligible for the loan or not. 

Credit rating 

You will be required to input your credit rating once you use the calculator as it facilitates in extending you the certain figure.  

So, if your credit rating is bad and thus the rate of interest you are required to pay is very high, you must not consider applying for the loan. Rather, you should focus on improving your credit score. 

EMI calculation Formula 

The personal loan EMI calculator is already structured with the formula which will be used counting on the loan. You cannot bear in mind but there are varying formulas to compute different types of loan. Thus, you should not worry about computing it manually or wondering whether the right formula was used. 


As you get a lot of information on various elements of a loan from the calculator, you can use it for comparison objectives. You can utilize the calculator to match various results counting on the number picked by you to attain the best rate of interest, EMIs, tenure, etc. 


As the values of all the factors in the calculator can be customized, you can adapt the values until you feel satisfied to the extent that you simply have attained the best result. Thus, it will facilitate you in taking out the right loan for you with the best possible values. 

Convenient loans with Afinoz 

In today’s era, managing time is very difficult. So, you cannot afford to waste it on insignificant matters. Nonetheless, when it comes to a loan, you can think that as it is a complex procedure, the time consumed will obviously be more.  

Well, you must know that selection and approval of the loans do not take much time. Rather, if you would have applied to a bank, you might have to wait for a longer time. 

The bureaucracies and redundant procedures of banks take forever to finish. Therefore, it will not stand out to be a good idea to apply for a personal loan from a bank if you wish to meet your needs instantly. 

Moreover, if you apply for a loan at the bank, then you will have to walk into the bank multiple times not only for approval and documentation but also for getting updates throughout the entire process. So, here is that the solution to those problems, Afinoz. It is a leading marketplace for providing instant personal loans that you can simply access by means of the mobile app. 

Not only you can apply for instant personal loans using the app but also check the updates and other relevant details. 

Most importantly, the approval procedure of the loan does not take much time. You can take out a loan amount of up to Rs. 40 lakhs within the same day without moving anywhere from your location. 


Personal loans stand out to be convenient when you do not get an option to arrange funds so as to fulfil your financial crunch. So, to meet your instant needs, you can step towards modern fintech lenders as traditional financial institutions means banks take many days to approve the application and there are many other troubles that you will need to confront. 

You can take the help of a Personal loan EMI calculator which will help you in many ways along with the estimated monthly EMI across a certain loan tenure. Similar to the personal loan EMI calculator, there are several other calculators available in the market including a lumpsum calculator, balance transfer calculator, etc. To use, visit Afinoz’s calculator’s section. 

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