Avail Best offers on Fullerton India Business Loan at Low-Interest Rate @17-21%

Fullerton India Business Loan provides cost-effective loans to its customers. Here you will get the following information about the application within a short time limit. If you are eligible, you will get a call from the bank. It will help you to discuss your needs in detail and required a document collection session. The bank will arrive at the best possible business loan interest rates for youbased on what you require, your credit score, business turnover, and other financials. 

Features of Fullerton India Business Loan 2021  

This loan is given to business owners to help them finance their operations. The loan is multipurpose, and it can be utilized for business expansion or to cover the company’s working capital needs. The following are the characteristics of the loan: 

Interest Rate  17% onwards 
Loan Amount  Up to Rs. 50 lakh 
Processing Fee  6.5% of the loan amount 
Repayment Tenure  From 12 months to 60 months 
Collateral  Not required 
Eligible Entities  There should be private and public limited companies, sole proprietorships, LLPs, partnership firms 
Online Account Access  Available 

Eligibility Criteria for Fullerton India Business Loan  

  • To apply for a business loan, the borrower must be between the ages of 22 and 65 years. 
  • The company’s annual turnover should be at least Rs.10 lakhs. 
  • The company should have been in operation for the previous three years. 
  • In the previous two years, the business must have made a profit. 
  • A minimum annual ITR of Rs. 2 lakh is required. 

Fullerton India also offers different forms of loans for self-employed people to use for their businesses. There are also business loans available for the SME sector. As a result, borrowers can select from a variety of business loans given by the organization. 

Documents required for Fullerton India Business Loan Application  

The following are some of the documents needed to apply for a business loan from Fullerton India: 

  • Form for a loan, as well as recent passport-sized pictures 
  • Identification, address, and age proof 
  • Proof of Income (Bank Statements, Bank Passbooks or Salary Slips) 
  • Form 16 Business Address and Vintage Proofs, as well as Income Tax Returns 
  • Fullerton India may require additional paperwork, such as a certificate of incorporation. 

Who can apply for Fullerton India Business Loan?  

One can easily apply for Fullerton India Business Loan to simply avail of the loan:  

  • A business loan from Fullerton India is available to private limited companies, owners, self-employed people, and partnership organizations engaged in trading, manufacturing, or services. 
  • If you have five years of business experience and have been in your present business for at least three years. 
  • At the time of maturity, the minimum age of eligibility is 22 years, and the maximum age is 65 years. 
  • For a minimum of two years, your company must be profitable. 
  • A minimum annual sale of Rs.10 lakh is required. 
  • A firm with a minimum yearly income of Rs.2 lakh is required. 

How to apply for Fullerton India Business Loan in India 2021?  

Some of the following Fullerton India Business Loan processes are as follows:  

  • Go to the Fullerton India official website and select ‘Business Loan’ from the menu. 
  • Select ‘Apply Now’ from the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose between a Business Loan and an SME Loan based on your needs. 
  • Fill in your personal information (name, email address, etc.) and upload the required papers. 
  • Fill in the loan amount and the repayment period. 
  • You will learn whether the lender is interested in evaluating your business loan application based on the information you give. 
  • If your company loan application is approved, you will be issued a reference number, which you must keep secure for future use. 
  • If any additional information is required, a representative from the lending firm will contact you later. 
  • The business loan will verify the application form and the documentation. If all of the information provided is correct, the lender will authorize your application for a business loan, after which you will be offered a customized offer on the loan amount and interest rate. 
  • If you agree to all of the terms and conditions, the funds will be transferred to your bank account right away. 

You can apply for a business loan from Fullerton India offline by bringing all of the required documents and the application form to the local Fullerton India branch. A bank representative will call you for the loan approval process.  


It is summarized that before availing for Fullerton India Business Loan in India check the interest rates, eligibility criteria, documents process, and more. You can get more information, once you visit the official website of Fullerton India for a business loan or visit Afinoz.com, where the representative will guide you for the same.